Saturday, December 11, 2010


Been a rather busy week at Chez Blume. I managed to work two evening shift-midnight shift doubles in a row. This is getting to work at 4pm in the afternoon then working until 8 am the next day. Twice. My bod revolted. However, I ended up with an extra day off so it was rather worth it.

In the world of "O", things are plugging right along. My Mom is totally on board with the organic-eating-better plan which surprised the heck out of me. Usually she just nods when I decide I want to make a change in my eating habits. I'm happy to say that she has embraced the idea for health reasons. The kids have also taken this idea and run with it. Also a surprise, because I was expecting a fight.

Now the trick is working out when to go shopping for food and where. We have three main stores that specialize in the organic and healthy food. A couple of other stores have sections with organic products that we can go to in a pinch.

Also trying to find recipes for things like cookies and pancakes and such. It's a process, but one that I am enjoying. I've tried stuff that I don't think I would have tried a month ago. And on the upside, I've lost ten pounds so far. My pants are too big now. I will end up needing to shop for clothes at some point. (DARN!) Who doesn't need an excuse to shop?

Speaking of shopping, gotta give a shout-out to local stores. One I can't mention in this post because of Christmas cloak-and-dagger reasons. Suffice to say they were very helpful and friendly and it felt good to support a local business. Location to be divulged post holiday. :0)

The other one is a favorite of mine. I don't get there as often as I'd like, but this trip was worth it. Fountain Bookstore on Cary Street is one of those places that you'd expect in a movie. Script calls for small charming indie bookstore. Oh yeah, this is the place. But it's more than that. Local authors, book signings, and the owner Kelly Justice is bookseller awesomeness. Check it out if you have a need for books. They also do online orders, so you can have the books delivered to your house. You can shop local and never leave your sofa!

Finally getting to the jewelry. November sapped my creative juices with NaNoWrimo and I'm just now getting them back. Stay tuned for new items. Might be too late for Christmas, but hey, folks get money for gifts, ya?

Told ya this post was random. Bunch of different things going on. And the picture, I added just cause I happen to like it.

Here's wishing everyone a Happy-Merry-your-holiday-of-choice-December.

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