Friday, October 21, 2011

To NaNo or Not to NaNo...

So I was at work, fighting sleep and pondering this whole NaNoWriMo question. Whether or not to participate this year. For anyone who doesn't know, NaNoWriMo (henceforth referred to as NaNo for the purposes of brevity) is this thing where you write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. It happens every November.

I have done NaNo in the past though most I have bailed halfway through. I think one year I "won" but it was only through manipulation of Microsoft Word and the addition of so much useless typing that it wasn't exactly regulation. Another year I wrote a book, then halfway through it decided I needed to rewrite it with another character.

I actually made a list, pros and cons. It wasn't a very organized list. How
could it be at 3 am? There is the rules component. I don't do well with rules. Then there is the time element. Work, a business on the side, kids, house, husband, etc. When am I supposed to work on this? Maybe with a TARDIS and lots of caffeine I could eek out a few hours.

The perks. I'd be writing. It has been almost two years since I've sat down and tried to work on anything larger than an email. This will be my test. Can I really do this writing thing? Should I?

At the end of it, I realized "who am I kidding?" I was going to NaNo anyway. I can't resist a challenge.

Which begs the question of what to write? That was another conversation. Saved for another blog post!

Suffice to say, I'm throwing my hat into the NaNo ring. Again. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to stock up on coffee and kidnap a Time Lord.


  1. I think you should do it because you can get Scrivener software 1/2 off.
    yes, it's also for Windows now. or will be.

    or maybe I'm just that way. ;}

    the 'stripping priest' from your NaNo of several yrs. ago might be getting cold too.

    just sayin' ;)

  2. Funny just saw your post on NanoWrimo. I am going to try this year so I to will be stocking up on caffeine. Not sure where this will take me since I never have attempted anything like this. Good luck with your writing.

  3. SG... I keep forgetting about the stripping priest. haha!

    Mike, I almost envy you, being a NaNo virgin. That first year is very exciting. Good luck too!!

  4. I may try again- I always get pulled away by NaPoWriMo (poetry) when I realize I really can't do both without damaging my relationships with all around me-

    as usual,I guess I'll start off and see what shakes- besides, the scrivener thing is intriguing

  5. Gee, Shann, that's what Nanowrimo is unofficially about, damaging your relationships with all around you. I don't know if I have it in me at the moment to do a major project. Though I sort of want to support Mike on his maiden voyage. . .

    I admire your fire, Sheri! Renew the blade!

    Maybe we should all read Steven Pressfield in preparation.

  6. I thought that's what being a writer was about in general... damaging your relationships.. lol isn't that why writers drink? ;)

    Oooo... there's always a reason to read Pressfield.

  7. Thanks Katharine for the support. Maybe an email shot every so often to wake me up as my head hits the keyboard :)

    By the way, I am 1/2 way through the Tides of War by Steven Pressfield. Lots of action and a lot of internal fighting. Kinda like today in Greece. Not much changes.