Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And You Call Yourself A Fantasy Writer??

October is a big month. Not only does it feature Chocolate Week (starting on the 10th, this according to Twitter), but it is National Book Month. I saw this post on a friend's Facebook wall from Writer's Digest. The gist of the article is a challenge to pick up a book that you've been meaning to read and read it.

So many books! However, I feel like it is time to delve into a classic in the realm of Fantasy. A book that I confess I have not read. Fellowship of the Ring by Tolkien.

Wait, how is it possible that a Fantasy writer and a fan of the genre has not read that? Good question, one for which I don't have a decent answer. Late bloomer to the Fantasy genre? Had never heard of the book? Perhaps. It wasn't exactly required reading in high school.

Whatever the reason, I plan to rectify my failure to read this Fantasy classic and hopefully, retain my Fantasy Geek card.

Updates to follow!


  1. Oh, right. I promised to read LOLITA. Can we switch??

  2. Maybe not switch, but promise each other chocolate as a prize for finishing. Chocolate is an excellent motivator!