Sunday, May 1, 2011

Full Circle...Ish

The world celebrated the Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William this past Friday. I was one of those folks who stayed up all night watching the event. The comparison to Princess Diana's wedding was obvious and more than a few mentioned her funeral, the last time the country was glued to the television to watch a procession to Westminster Abbey. I had also watched the funeral in '97.

My own life felt somewhat full circle that night as well. In 1997, when Diana died, I had just gotten married. I was feeling at the time, what I imagine Catherine Middleton was feeling being a new wife. Only without the Princess of England part.

I recently celebrated my own fifteen year wedding anniversary. My life has changed quite a bit from that early year. Two children, a different state, several addresses, some scorched earth and all of those ups and downs of marriage separate then from now. But I couldn't help feeling all over again, as I sat up and watched this new couple embark on their remarkable life together, that sense of excitement that I felt when I first got married. That feeling of endless possibility, and a life with someone you love ahead of you.

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