Friday, January 28, 2011

Rabbitfish Jewelry Make-Over Contest

Announcing a contest for Rabbitfish Jewelry! It's time for a new look. I have created three different logos for Rabbitfish Jewelry and you get to vote. The winning logo will go on the Etsy site as well as Facebook and Twitter profile pictures.

How is this a contest?

Here's how it works. You pick the logo you like best, then post a comment on the blog, or the Rabbitfish Jewelry Facebook page with your choice. You get one "entry" for the vote. You can get an additional entry for posting a link to this blog or my Etsy shop on your own blog or Facebook. (Just send me a link). Heck, do both, you can get an entry for each one.

The contest will run until next Friday, Feb. 4th and the winner will be announced on the 5th.

What's the prize? The winner will receive a $20 dollar Rabbitfish Jewelry gift certificate.

And now, the candidates:




Happy voting!


  1. I like the middle one with the actual jewelry showing. Plus, I like green.

  2. I'd love the middle entry. I shows originality as well as the power of simplicity. And oh, that jewelry designs made a great impact. Good luck to its owner, I wish he or she will win this contest.

  3. Three's the charm. I like the middle one, too.

  4. I do like the middle one with the jewelry, however, because your pieces are one-of-a-kind and constantly evolving, I wonder if it is wise to show the jewelry which might create some confusion for customers. I like the top logo with the purple lettering on a background that is more open to viewer interpretation. It has a mystical 'feeling'!