Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dahling, You're Looking Spelt Today

but your NaNo project.. not so much.

So it's been three days since the Going O movement in the Blume household. Monday I took a little field trip to Good Foods Grocery and discovered a hidden treasure trove of organic goodies. I did manage to not go crazy. I bought some organic apples which are quite yummy as well as some swiss chard and celery. It is easy to become overwhelmed in a place like that, but the folks who work there are friendly and I had an idea of what I wanted. I also got some organic, free-range eggs. Not sure if this is just a psychological thing, but I think they taste better. They don't seem to be as "stringy" as regular eggs. Also got some raw cashews which is a very different flavor to the roasted ones, but again, they are quite good.

I saw an awful lot of spelt products. Spelt breads, pastas, cookies, etc. I opted for the spelt english muffins and those are rather tasty as well. I was worried they would be more like cardboard. So far so good on the organic thing. Next trip will be for nitrate free bacon and organic meat.

On the writing front, the NaNo book is looking rather sparse. Only a little over 10K words, but I am not all that concerned with the word count. I like the story and am just going to take it as it goes.


  1. My son works at Whole Foods and I have discovered it's my favorite place to shop (he gets a 20% but I don't, unless I can manage to shop when he can be there at checkout with me, no easy feat) I'm not so big on spelt but I LOVE the quinoa breads from the fresh bakery!!

    I have not made all the poem a day entries this time- I'm missing three at this point. Disappointed.

  2. I actually ventured to Whole Foods the other day (even though I HATE short pump). The power was out. haha!

    Planning on another trip. Quinoa bread? Sounds pretty tasty!